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In ITR Center we are professionals highly trained to guide you in the information technologies area. No matter the size of your business, We can help you to found a technologic solution to increase your cost effectiveness, as well as assist you in your project concretion

We planify and implement operations and strategies to permit to your company to be a different business. We evaluate the actual situation and we generate a diagnostic to design the strategy that better fit your needs and once implemented we monitor it for we make sure of the correct functionament, bringing you a high quality service.
  • Advice and consultancy in information technologies.
  • Elaboration of planification of software projects.
  • Company diagnostic
  • Strategy design and implementation
  • Quality service and accompaniment

Development. Your company have specific needs and different to any other, why use a generic software developed and standardized that will satisfy you mediumly?
The software development open a panorama in that the personalization is possible no matter your business area.
Among our services you find:
  • Software development
  • Software packs (ERP Systems and Sales point for your company)
  • Application development
  • Web development
  • Webpages
  • Optimization of webpages for a search engine positioning
  • Domain and Hosting services
  • Enterprise Email services
Our Works Computer
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Digital Marketing. Your company must be online and in social networks if it intend to be part of today´s world, for this we have specialists in the area that will develop a digital strategy that will allow you to have, mantain and improve your presence in social networks and get new clients.
  • Digital Strategy develop
  • Market study in relation to your business area
  • Needs and objectives evaluation
  • Media content creation
  • Strategy results analysis
  • Report results develop